Fluidità – The second Alajmo book.

7 augustus 2014

568 pages, 425 photos, 70 recipes and “re-readings.” Color photographs (in digital) by Sergio Coimbra, black and white (in analog) by Wowe.

The project essentially consists in two parts. The first is related to the “dialogue.” Carried out between Padua and Venice with Max and Raf, and rewritten by condensing many hours of conversation, the dialogue is a synthesis in which the thoughts of the two protagonists are assembled graphically in a fluid way, almost as if they were one.

The second concerns the dishes. Each recipe is presented in three parts: a large photo of the plated dish with subtle movement of the water, the complete, detailed recipe, and a “re-reading” or close-up photo of the dish. In the close-ups, the dishes look like evocative abstract paintings, but they are not the result of post-production tricks. In fact a special set containing a tank of water was constructed for the shoot. The movement of the water changes from photo to photo, and from dish to dish, as a function of the vibration that best represents, in our opinion, the force contained in them.