Eat Me (Appetite For Design).

28 maart 2014

You know how the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover”, well when that book is about design then you should definitely judge it by its cover and what a cover it is!

The book entitled ‘Eat Me‘ looks like a giant wafer, and you can order it in two “flavors” white vanilla and brown chocolate.

So what is the book about? Well Vicitonary (The Hong Kong based publication that made the book), described it perfectly when they said, “EAT ME takes out a slice of modern life where food has been taken as the medium to promote social interactions and ginger up our every day. In addition to the highly competitive realm of food packaging design, the book also features a symphony of recent art creations, social events, identity projects, restaurant designs, culinary implements and products inspired by food.”

The content in the book is truly inspiring with all kinds of creative designs from packaging to photography. Its the perfect read to get your creative juices flowing. The only issue I have with the book is that the paper quality is a bit disappointing and as the result the images seem a bit faded but do I regret getting the book? Not in the least!

I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in design and food or someone who just wants to have creative inspiration in packaging and photography.