Artist’s Palate: Juergen Teller’s Tobacco Ice Cream.

24 juni 2014
The great thing about Juergen Teller’s photography is the intimacy he captures, even with the celebrities that, by rights, should be so distant from us. Whether it’s Victoria Beckham in a bag or Kate Moss in a wheelbarrow, Teller’s images tease us with the sense that they are our famous friends, too; larking about for our lens. But much of this is artifice. They are not his friends and nor is his favourite dish something he is likely to whip up chez Teller. Given the 26 egg yolks, liquorice extract and tobacco leaves, it seems much more likely that he has it made for him by chef Antonio Guida in the two Michelin-starred kitchen of Tuscan bolt-hole Il Pellicano, whose recipes just happen to be the subject of Teller’s latest book.